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TapPainter lets you pick colors three different ways

Play with color using our color wheel. Select from the outer Hue ring to pick the base color, change the Saturation middle ring and adjust the inner Lightness ring. Ready to paint? Convert to the closest matching paint color swatch.


Pick a color from a fan deck of an available paint brand just like in the paint store. Don’t see your favorite paint brand yet? Contact us to request it. We are continually adding more brands across the globe. Now featuring Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.


Already have swatches from your favorite paint brand? Enter them one at a time by selecting the paint brand, enter swatch color code, tap on the paint roller. Flick right/left to see, compare and choose the preferred room color.

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① Select A Wall

Simply snap a picture of your wall

Tap on the wall you want to recolor. TapPainter is designed to automatically find the wall for you and respectfully avoid painting over objects on or near the wall.



② Select A Color

Choose from thousands of real paint colors

Choose colors using our intuitive color wheel, choose a color from any color fan deck available in TapPainter or, simply enter the color code from a paint swatch.

③ Recolor the Wall

Your wall is now digitally painted

Tap on the paint roller to apply the selected color. In just a few seconds you will see a near real image with preserved lighting conditions, shadows and objects.



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