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TapPainter now available!

We are happy to announce, our new mobile app – TapPainter – is now accessible on the App Store!

Download it on your iPad now and bring some color into your life, get it from the app store

TapPainter is designed to assist you visualizing your rooms repainted, while being good to environment and to yourself. With this app you can mix your own color and convert it to a closest match of your selected paint brand, pick from many color fan decks, enter a code from a paint swatch, paint the room image with a simple tap on the wall, compare re-colored images with just a swipe of a finger and chose your color intelligently!

Minimize waste, minimize surprises, have fun and more predictable outcome – this is what we charged the app with. Now, we are inviting you to join our kick starter campaign to gear up the marketing efforts. Help us spread the good word about TapPainter!

Please, try the TapPainter, have fun using it, love the results, ‘like us’ on social media and give us high ratings on the App Store!

If you see something you want us to add or modify, you can always contact us with a question or comment on our website . We worked hard to make this sophisticated app easy to use and will continue improving it as needed. Now, let’s make the world around you aware of the TapPainter. Let’s paint some love!

Tell your friends and people you know.

Tap, Paint, Love!

TapPainter expanded version

We are releasing the expanded version of TapPainter, see our tutorial videos for a preview. The expanded version will include:

– Improved more intuitive user interface.
– Custom shape feature allows you to easily create your own shape to color.
– Superior color change for shifting to lighter or darker colors.
– More stable color change now automatically adjusts for low and high lighting conditions
– Now includes in-app tutorials

Coming Soon!