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Kitchen repainting – Before and After

Analyzing and simulating Color accurately is a tricky process. We’ve gone to great lengths to make TapPainter the most accurate room paint color tool on the market. Here’s the first of more examples to come, comparing images repainted with TapPainter and repainter for real.

Here’s the before painting picture:















The red was a bit overpowering, our designer suggested something to blend it a little better but keep that energy. After going through many different colors with her client, they selected this one, repainted with TapPainter using Benjamin Moore BM1293:

TapPaint into BM 1293

















Here’s the final result painted using the same color as in TapPainter BM1293

Actual Repainted into BM1293



Our first independant professional review













Thanks to 148 apps for their well done review of TapPainter. Check it out here:

This was done using an iPad 2, which does make it a bit trickier to capture a good image. We recommend iPad’s with retina display for higher quality images and ease of capturing a quality image.