Frequently Asked Questions

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Put the paint roller marker on one wall, re-color it. If only that wall got recolored, you can now put the paint roller on another wall and chose another color to paint with. Remember, you can always use the “Custom” icon to switch to custom mode which allows you to choose a specific area/shape you want to color differently. 
You can share it now. Once the image has been processed it is stored on your mobile device, so you can email and download into any application that accepts photos.
After you re-color an image, select it and tap on share icon () to either post it to Facebook or share it via email. Multiple images may be shared at once via email, Facebook allows one image per post.
You can use color wheel to mix your preferred color using our Hue, Saturation and Lightness rings. You can then convert it with the convert button to find the closest match available in various paint brands. Of course, you can always browse through various paint brand fan decks and zoom in on your color of choice.
That is the TapPainter’s goal! The app takes into account many parameters that alter representation of color in a particular space: lighting conditions, shades, reflections, mobile device calibration, etc. Still, a color composition analysis can be more complex in some situations and, even if rare, it is possible other parameters not accounted for can exist. To ensure the color meets your precise expectations we recommend, after you choose the color with TapPainter, get an actual paint sample and try it on some area were you intend to repaint, see how the color looks in that space and adjust as desired.
Tap on ‘Swatches’. Select the Brand of your paint color swatch. Tap on ‘Search’ and enter the paint code. The app will find that paint swatch for you so you could use it to paint on the image.
TapPainter is designed to automatically find Walls distinctly separated by an edge or a corner. If the image was taken in challenging lighting conditions it can be difficult to distinguish individual surfaces on the image accurately, so here are a few tips to help the app better recognize them:

  • have at least one visible corner in the image, two corners are better
  • when you take a picture capturing more than one wall make sure you position your device in such a way that allows you to see on the screen surfaces clearly distinguishing from one another

TapPainter Basic Tutorial

TapPainter Advanced Tutorial


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